Mother’s Day that could have been different, but different nevertheless

With all the ads & wishes & emotions & social media & profile pictures on Mother’s Day today, my heart goes out to 2 sets of people:

  1. Mothers who lost their children & cringes at the thought of not being able to get that hug, not just today, but everyday.
  2. Children who have lost their mothers at a young age & felt that irreplaceable void growing up.

Baby-center wished me on my first Mother’s Day. Lifecell wished me on my first Mother’s Day. In an attempt to look at things positively, let me just take that as an acknowledgement of the peek-a-boo amount of time that I was with my son.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.17.59 PM

I went through my friends list on Facebook & life, and remembered a few friends who fall in the second category. I sent all of them a custom note – a message that I thought would make them feel less miserable. A message that someone is thinking about them on this day.

I also sent a message to the very few (actually just 2) mothers in my circle that I know who have lost their children. One of them is a 60+ year old who lost her son 10 years ago. Her daughter is my friend. I sent a note to her daughter to pass on my message to her mom. From her response, it sounded like the purpose of the message was served & that made her emotionally happy. She also mentioned that, her mom fell into both the categories since she lost her son, and her own mother at 2 years of age.

My friend said that she didn’t give any thought about the second part until my message. And, that’s when even I thought about those who are on both sides of losses.

Today & every Mother’s Day in my book would be about those who didn’t get what they signed up for, those who didn’t get a chance, those who had to give theirs back.

The sun has set in this part of the world, but it’s just risen in another, and there are some more mothers & children refusing to get out of bed for the fear of having to face this day.

As I ignore yet another Mother’s Day jewelry collection text on my phone, I cling on to the collection of memories with absolutely no fear of the luster fading away!



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