The year that was…

January 1, 2017 – exactly 6 months that Ayden left us. With every Happy New Year beep on my phone, with every highlights of 2016 on Facebook, I think of the cruelest year that gave me the scars – in my heart & on my tummy.

For every gratitude message I see around me for all the blessings of 2016, I cringe. How I wish the bygone year never existed!

A new year, time to cheer
But not without a tear

Half a damn year today
that life left me midway

2016, how cruel were you
to let my heart bid adieu

I hate what you did there
In no way it is fair

I adored your first half
Didn’t give a minute to quaff

Counted days to the second
With all things nice & pleasant

How I cherished those scans
but, little did I know your plans

You promised me a coo;
Gave heartbreaks in lieu

The sharp ones from your sheath
Put my little one under the wreath

You took what was mine
that I nurtured for nine

I will not forgive
For the loss is massive

Thank the bygone year; they said
Sorry I can’t; it was a tough tread

To the year that is new,
Give me my right due

Promise only what is true
Gimme the colors, without a blue!


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