All I want for Christmas…


The tree that we decorated at a friend’s place last week

We don’t really celebrate Christmas in our family. I really like Christmas season, but our religion doesn’t mandate it and hence my parents never made efforts to celebrate. But we did breathe Christmas every year.

I grew up in Kerala which has a huge Christian population. Our neighbor and my mom’s confidante, Mercy aunty used to invite us over for Christmas dinner. Susamma aunty & Lisa aunty & a few colleagues of my dad used to send homemade plum cakes – how I used to wait for them! My school had carol singing competitions & tree decoration. A santa would distribute gifts to all the students, along with a piece of cake. My college was run by missionaries; we used to have a gathering for message of the Christ by our college Principal. We always heard the midnight bell tolls from the church not so far.

Playing secret santa was something that I used to wait for every year – one with neighbor kids and one in school/college. I’ve sent Christmas cards to friends & family as a kid. I have received some. So, I had Christmas all around me during my growing up days.

Last year, my husband & I thought maybe we should have a Christmas tree at home. But we never invested time in it & it didn’t happen. You know, during last year Christmas pregnancy was priority than anything else. We had more cheer than any tree or star could give.

The Facebook TGA group that I’m a part of – parents have been uploading pictures of their little warriors who are celebrating their first Christmas this year. “My warrior’s first Christmas.” “My little boy all dressed up for his first Christmas.”

They all look adorable. I stared at some of their expressive eyes. I started thinking – Ayden’s first Christmas. I guess we would have bought a Christmas tree if he was here. I would have bought tiny santa costumes and dressed him up in that, taken a pic and shared with friends and family and maybe share the same on that TGA group. Maybe upload that pic on this blog. Wait, I wouldn’t have had this blog if he was here. Or maybe I would have – a parenting blog.

If only santa could come & leave the only present I’d ever want, in my empty crib!

Thinking of all the little ones who are not in our arms to celebrate their first Christmas! Thinking of their parents whose Christmas is not the same this year!

Merry Christmas!


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