The unsung lullabies

So, this happened today.

We have our secret santa game going on in our team at work. Santas have been actively giving fun tasks to everyone. This guy who is good at mimicry was asked to mimick all the managers in the team. This friend who was good at poetry was asked to recite a poem praising herself, and so on.

One of my teammates has a 1 year old son. She got a task to sing a lullaby to an audience of at least 10. Santa’s ask was to record it and send it to the team for whoever must have missed it.

She sang Surmayee akhiyon mein… The song is from an 80’s cult classic movie where the hero tries to put the childish heroine to sleep. Thousands of kids have slept to this song since the 80s.

She sang it beautifully. Lovely voice. I was the one recording it on the phone to be sent to the team. Lullaby, right? I sensed a lump in my throat as she was singing. This was the first time I was hearing one after May 2016. For the fear of drawing attention, I continued to stay there until she was done. I went back to my desk, humming this song and fighting the lump at the same time.

I opened YouTube and listened to this song on loop. I like the original version of this song better, which is in Tamil language. I like the sentiments and words choice in this better. I switched to the Tamil version after sometime.

To all the unsung lullabies that formed the lump, I’ll sleep to one tonight!


6 thoughts on “The unsung lullabies”

  1. Beautiful. It is good not only that we remember our family members but also that we will not be shut down from mentioning them and that they were here and did affect us. Bless you for Christmas

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  2. As most people have never lost children support for parents of deceased children rarely exists in the workplace. Overnight a couple can lose their standing in the society. Big executives can say the right thing on camera as they become president of a sporting team yet families rude enough to have lost a son know the person’s true inability to feel when they were most worried about how cheaply they could kick an internationally respected member of senior management whilst he was down and the guy’s family was fighting for survival. The Australian cricket board would never have done this so they became Cricket Australia to achieve this dream.
    Got to laugh at the boy’s club when you’ve grown up knowing more than you should. How many careers are truncated by the loss of a child? How many of all stations are thrown to the wolves?
    How many counsellors rake in money giving therapy for something they will never experience?
    How rude am I for surviving and keeping the flame lit. From the finest schools to the dungeons and gutters I know more than I should… have replicated… and have mates who would never have had access to my resources if I did not survive hell. I will go to the grave whenever… with the sound of screaming mothers when their boys have been killed and corrupt police stop any investigation because they stole from the scene. I guess a doctor’s diagnosis is brilliant for our family’s mental health when a bashed in skull left to drown naked in a ditch of water is an open finding… because we never bought their offer of suicide.
    It’s getting good. And Christmas morning our family will still get the call from the Ansett executive whose 4 year old boy was run over on Christmas day all those years ago. We look after each other even if we don’t drink anymore and aren’t any fun 😆


  3. I will hear my mother’s cries forever… and my best mate’s mother’s 3 years later. Doesn’t take much to drop in or make a phone call now and then after the spectacle of a funeral is over. If I played sport like that or fought… I would have been wiped every week and laughed from the field years ago. Merry Christmas all 😅


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