Acacia passed away 3 days back, on Tuesday, 29th Nov. She was 54 days old.

I don’t know Acacia. I don’t know her parents. All I  know is she was a TGA kid too, like Ayden. Her dad had posted some queries on a Facebook TGA group when they found out about her TGA. I chatted up with him on a few related things.

On Wednesday, on my way back home from a vacation, I saw her dad’s Facebook announcement of her passing away. He added a pic too, of her sleeping on her hospital bed. She had a purple head band with big purple flower. A beautiful baby girl!

It was a 6 hrs layover at the Kolkata airport; trying to kill time. My heart sank when I saw the post. I wanted to cry. I moved away from my friends in the pretext of having to use the restroom. I cried in the restroom. I thought about her all day, the next day and today… I looked at her picture multiple times.

More so, I thought about her mom. Acacia was her first born too. Unfortunately, I actually know what she must be going through. I know she will be holding her tummy tight at every reality bite. I wish I could give her a hug, and tell her that it’s not easy.

Today, Dec 2, Ayden would have turned 6 months. I would have taken one more growth pic of him today with the same background as the last 5 months, as I had planned.

Thinking of Ayden, I think of Acacia, Mia & Kia – a few other neonates who joined him later. (I’ll write about Mia & Kia some day)

Hope they all give each other good company up there. RIP little angels!


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