Deepavali Lights


It’s diwali/deepavali today – the festival of lights. I lit up a few diyas at home and had an inward cringe looking at the fire.

I had a little fire
I oiled the lamp all the time
Changed the wicks with every flicker

I protected it,
from the midnight winds
from the thundering rains

I held it close to me,
but breathed slow,
for my fire to lit up

My little fire danced,
bright orange & alive
spreading light & joy

it rained in summer
The winds changed the direction

My little fire startled,
and flickered,
and flickered again
until it slowly faded away

It left the burn mark
right here in my womb!

PS: Ayden means ‘little fire’ in ancient Gaelic!

Happy Diwali!


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