I wish I wasn’t pregnant

It’s been 2 months!

You would have been 3 months old tomorrow!

He’s in heaven, they said
But that’s left us in hell
Ever burning hell…

There are no days
There are no nights
It’s only moments of

A part of me,
A piece of my heart
Snatched away too soon
With no signs of mercy

I wish I wasn’t pregnant
I wouldn’t have lost you!


Author: Mother that isn't

Would you call yourself a mother when your only child dies? My son, Ayden, born with a Congenital Heart Disease called TGA, underwent an open heart surgery at 7 days old and passed away when he was almost a month old. This blog is an attempt to document all the major emotional ups & downs of losing your own child. With no intentions to be rude, I genuinely wish people understood the emotions a little better! https://motherthatisnt.wordpress.com/

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